Document Templates

When we designed and built Cloud Appointments we wanted to ensure that the system would to adapt to suit everyone’s business’s needs.

(We’ve worked with too many systems that dictate how a business has to be organised to use the software effectively.)

So on the data side clients can add custom fields, utilise supplied notes templates and create their own data templates.

For producing routine documents (e.g. Invoices, Lab Tests, Letters, Prescriptions, etc) the system supplies a default Document Template.
The Document Template has text and data references – the first image above is for a Lab Test.

Then when you need to send a Lab Test request you;

  • Fill out the Lab Test Form (2nd image above)
  • Click on the ‘Create PDF’ button

This merges the Document Template and your current data to create a PDF Lab Test file that can be viewed or emailed (3rd image above)

But if you don’t like the format or contents of system supplied Lab Test, Prescription, Invoice or other output then you can customise to your heart’s content.

So your documents can be as individual as you and your business are.

September 29, 2017 getStartedPosts
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