Hindsight & Foresight

The garden party was meant to be held on the 20th October.
But due to bad weather we had to hold it on the 13th, a week earlier.

Sounds reasonable …

The problem is that you can’t know what you don’t know so how are you meant to make the right decision ?
But part of running any business is that you’re constantly having to make decisions.

Last question: What does this have to do with a practice management software package ?

With Cloud Appointments we’ve tried to make the user interface simple and standard, so starting with the system is as easy as we can make it.
(Like all software there is an initial learning curve but online help, videos and online training should help.)

Then as you get used to the package you’ll be able to customise some of the default functionality to suit your practice better.
e.g.  Add additional data fields,  customise your GP letters,  start using online consent forms , etc.

We’re available to help during this learning process and welcome your feedback.
(Your feedback tells us how we can improve our system and this benefits us both.)

But getting back to the original point – when you’re choosing a practice management system do please check that the system will grow with you in terms of flexibility and functionality.

Otherwise your system can feel like a teenager’s clothes just after a growth spurt.


October 8, 2017 getStartedPosts
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