Devices, Browsers and You

Cloud Appointments is a web-based package.
Cloud Appointments is a software package that you use via your web browser (Chrome preferred) on your device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC) with an approved operating system (Windows, Android, Apple OS).

That’s not to say that the software won’t work happily on other browsers (Edge, Firefox, etc.) or other operating systems (ChromeOS, etc).
But it may not look as good or it exhibit some strange behaviours.

We know for a fact that some of our clients are using Cloud Appointments on Google ChromeBooks (which uses ChromeOS) and they don’t have any problems.
Whereas some clients using Apple iPads have problems with Quick Texts and we’re still searching for a cure for the problem.

In other words : providing a system that works on multiple devices / browsers / operating systems is not a simple task but it is easier than it used to be.

We rely on web browser suppliers adhering to the recognised standards and, thankfully, they’re doing this more as time goes by.
Also, the software we build on is becoming more reliable, functionally rich and [usually] easier to use.

Our problem, as software developers, is that it’s not practical to test Cloud Appointments on all available devices and all possible browsers.

We therefore test on the more commonly used devices and recommend the Google Chrome browser as your browser of choice.
(See for more info.)

We’ll do our best to have Cloud Appointments perform as it should on your device and web browser.

But if it doesn’t then please bear with us and let us know.

November 11, 2017 getStartedPosts
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