Practice Management for Cosmetic Medicine

  • Easily manage your clinic
  • It’s in the cloud, access when you need it
  • Targeted to Cosmetic medicine clinics
  • It’s secure

Easy to use and flexible

Cloud Appointments is designed to be simple to use and flexible enough to take care of your clinic’s individual requirements.

We have been working with national bodies & clinics to tailor Cloud Appointments to cosmetic medicine needs.

Book appointments in a flash

Your bookings can be viewed on the calendar by day, consultant day, week or month and are colour coded.

Booking an appointment for someone new is easy, simply enter their name on the appointment page – you can fill in the details later. For existing clients, just type in a few letters of their name or even a phone number and select from the list provided.

You then can remind clients of their upcoming appointment by automatically sending them an email or text message.

Client and Clinical notes

The system provides, as standard, client notes templates for many of the standard cosmetic medicine procedures such as Botox, Filler and IPL treatments as well as being able to store Before & After photos, clinical documents and more.

If you need to store additional client information Cloud Appointments is easily customised to meet your business needs without expensive software or hardware upgrades.

Dashboards for Quick access

The Consultant Dashboard provides a consultant with all the client information they need to access and update during a business day.

The Customer Dashboard is client focused providing summaries and access to all the information about a client in one place.

For your convenience

Cloud Appointments is a web-based system which means that you can access your information from anywhere that has an internet connection and a web-browser. So if you’re working at a different clinic, working from home, or just want to take a client picture using your tablet then the system is still available — you can even look up your appointments using a smart phone!

We take care of business

Being web-based system also means that you do not have to invest in expensive computer hardware and software to run your clinic management software;

  • Your data is stored on our powerful Cloud servers with guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • Required software and hardware updates and upgrades are no longer your problem
  • Your data is routinely backed up and can be restored on request

Key Features

  • Appointment Book
  • Clinical Notes
  • Invoicing
  • Xero Accounting Interface
  • Product Management
  • Tasks and Reminders
  • Photos and Documents
  • Online Help System

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