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Appointments Calendars in day, consultant, location, week and month formats
Appointment Reminders sent daily by Email or SMS Text
Comprehensive Customer information that can be easily extended with custom data fields to suit
Customer Files can be uploaded and linked to a customer or customer’s notes
Customer Notes easily extended with custom data fields to store the information you want
Customer Dashboard provides easy access to all a customers’ details in one place
Consultant Dashboard provides a central point for consultants to handle their daily schedule & access the customer data they need
Dated Reminders for Consultants and/or Customers
Invoicing with PDF format invoices to view, print or email
Notes Templates provide standard data input forms for routine procedures
Online Help System with plenty of screenshots and targetted advice
Product, Stock & Sales Information available online and from reports
Reporting – Best Sellers, Customer Details, Daily Takings, etc
Rich Text Documents to create and use for routine letters, handouts, standard treatment advice sheets, etc.
Send recorded emails and text messages
Stock Level Alerts sent daily
System Support by phone, email and online
Website Bookings to receive bookings from your existing website
Xero Accountancy Interface to update your Xero accounts with invoice and customers’ details
  • Pricing monthly consultant license
  • $49.00 + gst
  • Free setup
  • Unlimited appointments and customers
  • Online help system
  • Friendly free support
  • Safe and secure data
  • $25 receptionist license


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