Cloud Appointments will help you administer and maintain information about;

  • Bookings / Appointments
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Clients
  • Client Notes, documents, files and tasks
  • Consultants and their assigned tasks
  • Products and Stock
  • Invoices and Payments
  • and more
BUT no package system installed from the box will ever be a perfect fit for your business.
That’s why we’ve built in flexibility in the way data can be stored.
For example

For a client you may like to add fields to record;

  1. Height
  2. Hair colour
  3. Shoe size
  4. Sporting interest choices
  5. A photograph.

In clients’ session notes you may like to add fields to record;

  1. Type of problem they’re complaining of
  2. Treatment given
  3. Long term outlook and advice
  4. Before & After Photos
  5. Video evidence

All this functionality is available as part of the Cloud Appointments system – we’ll help you customise your system to suit your business.

Client Information Templates

For podiatrists and cosmetic medicine we provide standard customer information and notes fields as a starting point (and can be changed to suit).

We also provide a series of optional customer notes templates that can be included into the patient’s notes depending on their treatment.


  • Image Annotation
  • Biomechical Examination & Prescription
  • Biomechical Repair
  • Diabetic Report
  • Referral Form
Cosmetic Medicine

  • Botulinum Treatments
  • Filler Treatments
  • IPL
  • Minor Surgery
  • Peel
  • Skin Check
  • and more…
If you’re involved in another type of practice then we can develop standard forms to suit your business type.