How Do You Know If The System Will Suit You ?

Running a business means you constantly have to make decisions.
But you don’t always seem to have enough information.

With Cloud Appointments we’ve tried to make the user interface simple and standard.
So starting off with Cloud Appointments is as easy as we can make it.

With all software and systems there is an initial learning curve but our online help, videos and online training are there to help.

Then as you get used to Cloud Appointments you’ll be able to customise some of the default functionality to suit your practice even better.
e.g.  Add additional data fields,  customise your GP letters,  start using online consent forms , etc.
See Information for more dtails.

We’re available to help during this learning process and we welcome your feedback.
(We value your feedback as it tells us how we can improve Cloud Appointments and this benefits us both.)

We understand your customer information is the basis on which your business depends.
Your data is kept secure have a look at Security for more info.

When you’re looking at practice management systems then do check you can easily take your data with you if you decide to move systems.

We hope it won’t happen, but if sometime in the future, you’d like to move to another system then let us know;

  •   We’ll arrange with you when to stop your license payments
  •   Provide you with an export copy of your data
  •   And bid you a sad farewell

But getting back to the original point – when you’re choosing a practice management system do please check that the system will grow with you in terms of flexibility and functionality.

Otherwise your system can feel like a teenager’s clothes just after a growth spurt.


October 8, 2017 Blog Posts
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