Third Party Funding Invoices

Use Invoice Subsidies to record customer claim numbers and then create customer invoices with linked Third Party Funding Invoices.


Invoice Subsidy Types

Initially, these Invoice Subsidy Types will be available, but inactive, on your Cloud Appointments system;

  • ACC
  • Accessable
  • Environmental Support Services
  • Insurance
  • MOH Full Funding
  • MOH Hearing Aid Subsidy
  • NHI
  • Southern Cross
  • Veterans’ Affairs

If you need an additional Invoice Subsidy Type then please get in touch with system support.

Create a Customer record for each of the Subsidy Types that you want to use*.
e.g. For the ACC Invoice Subsidy Type create a Customer record with a First Name of ‘Accident’ and Last Name of ‘Claims Corporation’.

Access the Invoice Subsidy Types data by clicking on top menu option Admin, sub-menu option Reference Data, side-menu option Invoice Subsidy Types;

subsidy types list









Update each of the Invoice Subsidy Types you want to use;

  • Set the ‘Is Active’ to ticked
  • Set the ‘Default Funding Customer’ to the previously created Customers, see * above

The following provides details about the Invoice Subsidy Type fields and their uses;

Invoice Subsidy Type Fields
Invoice Document Template The Document Template will determine the format and contents of PDF invoices created for this subsidy type.

This field value will default to ‘Default Invoice Subsidy’.

You can alter the format and contents of the invoice for this Invoice Subsidy Type by specifying an alternate Document Template.

See online help topic Document Templates, sub-topic ‘Customise a Document Template’ for more information.

Default Funding Customer When an invoice for the subsidy is created then this value will be used as the invoice’s customer.  Specify the Customers you previously created for Subsidy Types, see * above.
Provider Id If specified this value will be included on the PDF invoice.
Vendor Id If specified this value will be included on the PDF invoice.
Is Active Tick to store Claim Numbers and Invoice Subsidies of this type on Cloud Appointments.

If Claim Numbers and/or Invoice Subsidies for this Invoice Subsidy Type exist on your system then this Invoice Subsidy Type cannot be made inactive.

Invoice Subsidy Products

You’ll be creating invoices for each of these Invoice Subsidy Types so they need products.

Add invoice subsidy products, such as ACC Hearing Loss items, as Products onto Cloud Appointments.
These invoice subsidy products should be flagged as non-stockable items.

Claim Numbers

Claim Numbers can be stored against a Customer in the Customer Details edit form for each of the active Invoice Subsidy Types.

You may want the Customer Claim Numbers tab to always show or show on an add on the Customer Details form.
Use top menu option System, side-menu option ‘Optional Data Templates’ to manage this setting (see online help for details).

When updating Customer Details, the Customer Claim Numbers then can be specified;










Only Insurance Subsidy Types can have multiple claim numbers, all other can have only one.
ACC and NHI subsidy numbers are validated that they’re in the correct format.

Customer Invoice

The Customer Invoice can be created as normal using Quick Bill from Notes or as part of an Invoice edit.
An Invoice Subsidies tab will show in the Invoice edit form if the Customer has one or more Claim Numbers recorded against them;

subsidy details











The form will show a section for each Claim Number recorded against the Customer.
There can be multiple insurance claim number blocks but only one for all other Invoice Subsidy Types.

In the example above; Brenda Baker has an ACC and an Insurance Claim Number stored against her.

Optionally save a purchase order number and description for each claim number section.

Create A Subsidy Invoice

Click the Create Invoice button.
The current invoice edit is saved and a new Invoice Subsidy edit form is opened.

The General tab will show the default Customer specified for this Invoice Subsidy Type;
Change the Invoice Subsidy Customer if needed.

ACC invoice











The Products & Financial tab form will initially not show any data.

Add Invoice Line(s), choose appropriate Invoice Subsidy Type Product(s).
Adjust their invoice line details as needed.

At least one Invoice Line must be specified.

ACC invoice line















Click on the Invoice Subsidised Details tab to show details of the original Customer Invoice for this subsidy;

linked ACC invoice















To save this subsidy invoice and return to the Customer Invoice; click on the ‘Edit Customer Invoice’ button.

Customer Invoice With Subsidy

Once a subsidy invoice has been created it’ll be show in the Invoices List;






On the Customer’s Invoice edit form the Product and Financial tab will show as;















The Invoice Subsidies amount shown above is the total of all the amounts in the linked subsidy invoice.

The Customer’s Invoice Subsidies tab will show as;












The figures in blue are those recorded in the subsidy invoice.

An output Invoice Pdf will resemble;

invoice print






















A ‘Subsidy – ACC’ total line is shown above and its amount has been deducted from the invoice total.

A Customer Invoice with subsidies and discount added into Xero will resemble the following;

Xero acc invoice



















The Xero invoice shows subsidies and discounts as negative amount invoice lines (in brackets).

Subsidy Invoice

A Subsidy Invoice can be maintained on Cloud Appointments as normal.

But the subsidy invoice and the customer invoice are linked so a change in the Subsidy Invoice’s totals will have an affect on the linked Customer Invoice’s subsidy amount total.

e.g.  If the ACC subsidy amount is increased by $10 then the amount owing on the corresponding Customer’s invoice will decrease by $10.

The deletion or specification of quantities in a subsidy invoice will not affect stock levels.
Stock is allocated against the parent Customer Invoice only.

A PDF of the subsidy invoice will resemble;

ACC Invoice PDF



















The Document Template specified for the Invoice Subsidy Type determines the format and contents of this invoice.
An alternate Document Template can be specified.

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