Product Promotions – Package Products

Cloud Appointments manages product promotions using Payment Plans and Package Products.
This post describes Package Products details and uses, to see details about Payment Plans click here.

See here for information about running a publicity campaign.

Package Products

Package Products are used to manage promotional offers in Cloud Appointments.


  • Special Offers – offer a product at a discounted rate until an optionally specified date
  • Bulk Discounts – offer a volume discount for goods and/or services
  • Cross Product Promotions – offer a discount for a combination of products


To create a Package Product for a promotional offer;

  • Create a Product and specify its details
  • Tick the Package Product option
  • Select the Package Type you require*
  • Add the constituent Products contained in the Package Product 
  • Optionally, set the Package Product offer to expire after a certain date by setting its Expiry Date**
  • Set the Customer price (Gross Price) for the Package Product 
product promotions package products

Package Product Types*

There are two types of Package Products

  1. Product Sale
    This Package Product and its constituent products are supplied to the Customer when the Customer is invoiced.
    The stock levels for the Package Product’s products are reduced when the invoice is saved.
  2. Customer Stock
    This Package Product’s constituent products are credited to the Customer, as Customer Stock, for future use.
    Stock levels for the Package Product’s products are only reduced when the invoices containing the Customer Stock Products are saved.

Product Expiry Date**

An Expiry Date can optionally be set for the Package Product.
Then if the Period Tasks, Expired Products option is enabled, Package Products with an Expiry Date before today will be set inactive and be unavailable for sale.

Package Type Examples

See the online help topic Package Products, sub-topic Package Examples.

Customer Stock

Customer Stock products are the constituent products of a Package Product bought by a Customer.

Purchasing Customer Stock

The Package Product is invoiced in the normal way;

product promotions package products

The consituent products in the Package Product are credited against the Customer, as Customer Stock, for use on future invoices.
The Invoice Line’s Package Product and/or Quantity can only be changed by deleting and re-inserting the Invoice Line.
A Package Product Invoice line cannot be deleted if its Customer Stock has been used in other invoices.

See below for details on Customer Stock Reporting.

Using Customer Stock

To use Customer Stock, create a Customer Invoice, with Invoice Lines, as usual.

If the Customer has Customer Stock available then a Customer Stock form tab and a ‘Use Customer Stock’ button will show;

product promotions package products

To make use of the Customer Stock and reduce the invoice total click on the ‘Use Customer Stock’ button;

product promotions package products

The Invoice Lines will be updated to use Customer Stock and will have;

  • ‘(customer stock)’ added onto the Product description
  • Their Unit Price set to zero
  • Product, Quantity and Unit Price fields will be locked and unchangeable
If There Is Insufficient Customer Stock

When the ‘Use Customer Stock’ button is clicked the system will try to use any available Customer Stock for the quantity on each Invoice Line.

But there may be insufficient Customer Stock for the full invoice line quantity.
In this case the Invoice line is split into two;

  1. One supplied from Customer Stock with a zero Unit Price
  2. The remainder with the standard Product Unit Price.

For example;

Albert Ernest has Customer Stock of 2 Support Bandages;

customer stock

He wants to buy 5 Support Bandages;

customer stock invoice

When the ‘Use Customer Stock‘ button is clicked the Invoice has been updated and shows;

customer stock invoice lines

Albert Ernest will be charged for three of the five Support Bandages and his Customer Stock with a Unit Price of zero used for the remaining two.

Customer Stock Reporting


To display a Customer’s Stock, click on one of the following;

  •  Customer Dashboard, Stock button in the dashboard header
  •  Top menu option Customers, side-menu option Stock
  •  The Customer Stock tab when creating or editing an Invoice for a Customer with Customer Stock

This shows the Customer Stock display from top menu option Customers, side-menu option Stock;

customer stocks

Click on the down chevron button to expand a section and show the purchases and sales details of the Product;  

customer stock invoices

To access the ‘Daily Takings – Customer Stock’ report; click on top menu option Reports, side menu option Daily Takings, Customer Stock.

This report shows Package Products sold and their constituent Products details for a specified date range;

daily takings - customer stock

This report can also be output in CSV or PDF format by clicking on the button in the report header and choosing a sub-option.

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