Product Promotions – Payment Plans

Cloud Appointments manages product promotions using Payment Plans and Product Packages.
This post describes Payment Plans details and uses, to see details about Product Packages click here.

See here for information about running a publicity campaign.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans are used when a customer partially pays for goods or services, either before or after they receive it.

  • Layby options – take partial payments and/or deposits
  • Payment Plans – periodic payments for past or future goods and/or services

First, create an Invoice for the services and/or goods for the Customer;

Payment Plans

The invoice above shows Jill Gardener has bought a ‘Massage 45 Minutes’ for $150.00 including GST.

Go to Customers’ Credits by clicking on one of;

  • Customer Dashboard, Credits button in the dashboard header
  • Top menu option Customers, side-menu option Credits

When the Customer makes a payment we create a Customer Credit for them.

In this case we create a Customer Credit for Jill;

Payment Plans

We enter the details for Customer Credit, a description is recommended.
The Customer Credit can be used as part or full payment for any outstanding invoices.

In the example above we’ve ticked Select for Invoice No. 129 and saved the credit.
This meant that the $50 credit payment was used as a part payment for the $150 owing for Jill’s massage.

This payment will show when we access Jill’s Customer Credits history;

customer credit

As $50 credit was fully used against Invoice No. 129; Jill’s Customer Credit balance (last column above) remains at zero.

Her payment has also been recorded as a payment against the original invoice;

customer credit


In this way your customer can make incremental payments against their outstanding invoices.

When the invoice is fully paid and closed it can be copied to your Xero account using the Xero Update function.

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