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Everything you need from your clinic management software

Take bookings, create invoices and much more with our all-in-one online management software for clinics.

manage your clinic

Cloud based practice management

Enjoy an easier, more efficient way to manage your practice.

Secure, user friendly, customisable, reliable, and affordable, Cloud Appointments has the functionality you need to streamline managing appointments, web bookings, client notes, invoicing, reports and so much more.

website bookings

Online bookings made easy

Cloud Appointments makes it easy for clients to book through your website and social media channels. It simplifies booking management, including appointment confirmations and reminders, and the customisable customer and consultant dashboards give a clear overview of consultants, services, locations and time periods.

Customise for your practice

Your practice is as unique as the services you offer, which is why Cloud Appointments is flexible and customisable.

Your system can be tailored to suit your practice, from the information you collect, to the dashboard set up and providing you with customisable document templates.

easy information access

We have your clinic covered

Easy to learn

Our demo system provides hands on learning and an opportunity to explore the software. Training videos and guides cover everything from creating electronic consent forms to setting up and managing website bookings - making it easy to get the most out of Cloud Appointments. 

Easy data migration

Moving your practice from your current system to Cloud Appointments is easy. With our experience in diverse practice management systems and a wealth of technical expertise, we carefully manage the migration of your data, so you don’t lose time or important information.


Our user licences are defined by the active consultants you have in your practice management system, so your costs align with the income creators of your clinic. Access for an unlimited number of support staff, such as nurses and administrators is free.

Secure systems

The privacy of your clients and the security of your system and data are critical. We have multiple layers of security in place, including industry-standard Microsoft software to ensure login security and physical servers in a secure Auckland location. 

Trusted by clinics across New Zealand and Australia

What clinics are saying about Cloud Appointments

"Our clinic migrated to Cloud appointments about three years ago and we have found it to be very functional, maintaining everyone’s appointments, stock levels, and invoices. The support is very responsive and accessing our data from the browser of any device is very convenient. Cloud Appointments is excellent value for money."

"I would like to sincerely thank you for the time and effort Cloud Appointments has put into our invoicing and just for your assistance in general. Chris and Cloud Appointments in general have been awesome to deal with. I have been so impressed with the service and I am really enjoying the system."

"I have come from a hospital and GP background and worked with several different systems. Now running my own clinic it is immensely satisfying to work with a system that can be tailored to make the running of a whole clinic so much smoother. Patient appointments, recalls, sales breakdowns, and even accounts are so easy to use! Well done to the Cloud team."

How Cloud Appointments supports your practice


Annotate images with all the information you need to provide a safe and quality service, from dosages to proposed procedures and more.

Website bookings

Critical to successfully running a modern practice, website bookings are included as a standard feature in our clinic appointment software package.

Custom data

Make the system work for you by tailoring the data you store, from customer details to session notes, suiting the way you run your business.

Customisable templates

Our growing library of general and industry specific document and data templates can be used as is or customised to suit your needs.

Electronic consent forms

Electronic consent forms allow you to conveniently collect the critical information you need from patients quickly and accurately.

Healthlink & ACC interfaces

This add-on enables your practice to receive secure emails, health service referrals and lab test results from anywhere in New Zealand.

Experience easy and affordable clinic management

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