Practice Management

Manage your practice or clinic using Cloud Appointments.  Appointments, notes, billing,  web bookings, reports and so much more.  Just tell us some information about your business, we’ll create a system for you and you’ll be ready to go.

No software installs and no expensive computer equipment required.  We take care of backups and software updates for you.

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We provide a system targeted to your type of clinic.

Customer and notes details can be easily tailored to your needs.

Notes templates are available for most standard procedures.

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We like our clients to be happy with their Cloud Appointments system and how it works for them.

Taking on a new system is a important step so make sure it’s recommended by its users.

And have a look at our references.

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Some Numbers

Cloud Appointments is used in clinics across New Zealand & Australia and  handles large amounts of data – here are some of our current numbers;

And try out the demo system – a full system with explanatory videos and online help.

103657Client Records
10371Appointments per Month
3841Invoices per Month