Podiatry Clinic Management

Podiatry Clinic Software

“Loving the new software.

It is really good and user friendly.”

  • Appointment Book
  • Clinical Notes
  • Invoicing
  • Product Management
  • Xero Accounting Interface
  • ACC Electronic Invoicing
  • Healthlink Referrals, Secure Emails
  • Electronic Lab Results
  • Tasks and Reminders
  • Photos and Documents
  • Website Bookings
  • Online Help System
  • Easily manage your clinic
  • It’s in the cloud, access when you need it
  • Tailored functionality for podiatry clinics
  • It’s secure

Tailored for Podiatry

We have a long history of working with podiatry clinics and have tailored Cloud Appointments to meet podiatry needs.

Your Cloud Appointments system will include;

  • Notes templates for Referrals, Diabetic Referral, BioMech Exams
  • ACC45 (ACC Accident Claim) eLodgement functionality
  • ACC Electronic Invoicing (get paid in 5 working days)
  • Plus the standard electronic Consent Forms, Letters, Prescriptions, etc

If you need to store additional client or notes information then it’s easily done.
No software updates needed, see Information for details.

Easily Book appointments

Booking an appointment for someone new is easy, simply enter their name on the appointment page – you can fill in the details later.

For existing clients, just type in a few letters of their name or even a phone number and select from the list provided.

Cloud Appointments will send clients an email or text appointment reminder a few days before their appointment.

You can see your booked appointments on the calendar with views by either by day, week or month.
Appointments are colour coded so you can easily recognise who and where they’re for.

Website / Facebook Bookings

Using our podiatry EMR software you can add a booking form onto your website or add Facebook Booking button.

Then your customers can choose the treatments(s) they want, a location and book a date & time when you’re available.  The customer and your consultant will receive a confirmation email or text.

Dashboards for Quick access

The Consultant Dashboard provides your consultants with all the client information they need to access and update during a business day.

The Customer Dashboard provides client-based information summaries and access to all a client’s information in one place.

For your convenience

Cloud Appointments is web-based system so you can access your information from anywhere that has an internet connection.

So if you’re working at a different clinic, working from home, or just want to take a client picture then your system is always available.

Other System Interfaces

Our podiatry management software provides electronic interfaces to;

  • ACC to record accident claims
  • Healthlink so you can send and receive secure emails and referrals
  • Pedsol for podiatry rehab excercise programs
  • and many others

We take care of business

Cloud Appointments is web-based system, which means you don’t have to invest in expensive computer hardware and software;

  • Your data is stored on our powerful Cloud servers with guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • We take care of software & hardware updates and upgrades
  • Your data is routinely backed up and can be restored on request

We provide a service so you can concentrate on running your business.

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