Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about Cloud Appointments.
If you don’t find your answer here then please send us an email using the Contact Form on this page.

What computer equipment do I need for Cloud Appointments ?

You don’t need high-spec computers as our servers do the hard work.

We recommend a medium-spec desktop PC, laptop, iPad or a tablet with 1024 pixel (or more) resolution on the longest side.

Cloud Appointments isn’t particular about which operating system it’s running on.
It will run on Windows & Apple desktops, iPads & Android tablets, iPhones & mobile phones and other devices.

Do I need to install other software ?

No, you’ll need a web browser (see below) but that’s about it.

Can you migrate the data from my current system ?

Yes, we’ve successfully migrated data from many types of practice and clinic management systems.
We are confident we can migrate the data from yours onto Cloud Appointments.

Each system is slightly different so we’ll have a chat about the data migration first.

Do I need to be a computer nerd to run this software ?

Absolutely not !

You should be comfortable with computer systems and accessing the internet using a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc).

Initially, be prepared to spend time understanding Cloud Appointments and how it works, this will pay off in the long term.
(But as for being a nerd then perhaps you should leave that to us ?)

We’ve designed the user interface to be intuitive with pop-up help on buttons.
There’s plenty of advice & information in the integrated online help system and there are also videos.

We’ll help get you up & running and will be there for support.

You say it’ll run on a tablet, what are the pros and cons ?

Tablets are light and portable and will run Cloud Appointments using a wi-fi internet connection.

The on-screen virtual keyboard can make the screens awkward to use.
So, for long-term use, we recommend a separate keyboard.

One definite advantage is that you can take a photo and load it directly into a customer’s details, session notes, etc.

Normally when the cursor is moved over a Calendar appointment a pop-up summary of the appointment’s details is shown.
This functionality is not available on tablets.

On iPads and iPhones uploading files is restricted to photos and videos.
This is a security restriction imposed by the Apple operating system and does not occur on Android devices.
Installing and using Dropbox on an iPad / iPhone can help avoid this restriction.

You say it’ll run on an iPhone or mobile phone, what are the pros and cons ?

Being able to access Cloud Appointments wherever you are is a big pro.

Most of the main functionality (calendar, customer details, notes, etc) is available on a mobile phone.
But because of the small screen size some of the admin functionality is not available.

Like tablets, you can take a photo using your phone and load it directly into a customer’s details, session notes, etc.

What web browsers do you support ?

We recommend you use the Google Chrome or Firefox browser for all your devices.

Web browsers supported are;

  • Desktop systems :  Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge
  • Tablets : Chrome and Firefox
  • Smart Phones : Chrome and Firefox
  • Apple devices : Safari

The version of the browser you’re using can have a large effect on how web pages work and appear.
Your browser version needs to be kept up to date and should be no older than one version behind the current offering.

Please ensure that Pop-Ups are not blocked for Cloud Appointments.
See online help topic ‘Pop-Ups Blocked’ for details.

What if I don’t like how something works in Cloud Appointments or need something extra ?

Drop us a line or give us a call  (see here).

We’ll discuss it with you and do our utmost to accommodate you.

Does your software work in other countries, such as Australia, and does it handle different GST rates ?

Yes, our main servers are on a main internet trunkline in Auckland so response times will be good.

The GST rate can be varied to suit your business and country.

Products and services can be flagged as GST applicable or not – this will handle medicines and foodstuffs being GST zero-rated.

Overseas customers do not get charged GST for Cloud Appointments !
(When we supply Cloud Appointments to overseas businesses it’s classed as an export and is therefore GST exempt.)

What’s the pedigree of Cloud Appointments ?

Native Software developed and supported PODSYS, a well-respected podiatrist Practice Management system, for many years.
Over last decade websites and internet based applications have been a key focus for Native Software and they have provided many hosted cloud solutions.

Designer S Limited supplies Chris Clarke as a computer consultant with many years experience and a passion for internet based solutions.

Cloud Appointments is a joint venture between Designer S Limited and Native Software Ltd trading as Cloud Software Limited in New Zealand.
Together we bring a wealth of experience to the business and are determined to provide great solutions & service to our customers.