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Frequently asked questions.

Everything you need to know to make your practice management easier

Can I migrate data from my current system onto Cloud Appointments?

Moving your practice from your current system to Cloud Appointments is easy. It is important Cloud Appointments works well for you and your practice.  We will discuss your data migration requirements before you sign up and carefully manage the migration of your data, so you don’t lose time or important information.

What equipment do I need for Cloud Appointments?

We recommend a medium-spec desktop PC, laptop, iPad or tablet with at least 1024 pixel resolution width. Cloud Appointments runs on Windows and Apple desktops, iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, Android phones and other devices. 

Do I need to install other software?

Cloud Appointments produces PDF files that can be viewed in the web browser. You may need to download the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent so you can view these PDF files.

What if I don’t like how something works or need something extra?

We always interested to know how we can improve or add to the Cloud Appointments system, so do get in touch and we can discuss the functionality you need.

Is the system complicated to use?

Cloud Appointments is designed to be user friendly, but users need to be comfortable with computer systems and accessing the internet using a web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox). 

The user interface is intuitive with pop-up help buttons, but spending time learning about the system and how it works does make using it easier, and ensures you get the most out of the system. We help get you up and running and provide email support, online tuition, training videos and guides.

Is it best to use Cloud Appointments on a tablet or desktop?

Could Appointments is designed to be used on both because there are different situations each tool is better suited for. 

Tablets are light and portable, so taking a photo or session notes and loading them directly onto a customer’s profile is easy. 

There are some functions that are not available or as easy to use on a tablet or phone, so having the right mix of use between tablets, phones and desktops is important. 

What web browsers does Cloud Appointments support?

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox for all your devices. The version of the browser can impact how web pages work and appear, so it needs to be kept up to date. 

Can Cloud Appointments be used internationally?

Yes, and we already have businesses successfully using it in Australia. Our servers are on a main internet trunkline in Auckland, with fast response times.  Overseas customers do not get charged GST on Cloud Appointments licences as it's an export it is GST exempt.

Can the GST rates be changed?

The GST rate can be varied to suit your business and country. Products and services can be marked according to their tax requirements, which makes it easy to manage medicines and foodstuffs that are GST zero-rated.

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