Appointment Bookings Online

Your calendar shows all your appointment bookings, colour coded by consultant and location for easy recognition.

The calendar has different views – day, week or month and you can have consultants or locations in vertical columns.

These different calendar views help you manage your appointments, plan workloads and avoid consultant or location clashes.

And you can have as many calendar views as you want.

The images below show views by day, week and month with the consultant in vertical columns;

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Make a Booking

Booking appointments online for anyone, anywhere is efficient and simple, across your rooms, clinics and offices.

You can use your PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, Android phone or iPhone to easily check your schedule and make new bookings.  See FAQs for futher info.

Booking an appointment for someone new is easy, enter their name on the appointment page – you can fill in the details there & then or later.

For existing clients, just type in a few letters of their name, phone number or address and select from the list provided.
Set who they’re seeing, when & where, Save and the booked is complete.

Appointments Management Software

Website & Facebook Bookings

Include a bookings page on your website or add a Bookings button onto your Facebook page.

Customers can go onto your web or Facebook page; say what treatment(s) they want, where and by whom.
They choose when it’s convenient for them from the dates and times available.

Once they provide a few personal details their booking is made.
(But you can charge a booking deposit if you want.)

Their appointment(s) will show on your appointments calendar.
Both the consultant and the customer can receive an appointment confirmation message.
And the customer will receive an appointment reminder just before their appointment is due.

Website and Facebook bookings are easy to set up and manage.
They are included as part of the Cloud Appointments package, there is no additional charge.

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